GRTA provides two primary services to the people of Guam:

Fixed Route Service and Paratransit Service

Five new GRTA vehicles in a parking lot

Fixed Route Service
The Fixed Routes are comprised of Six (6) buses that operate on a Fixed schedule with designated stops between major transfer stations. The Fixed Routes are Greyline, Greyline2, Greenline, , Blueline 1, Blueline 2, Blueline Express, Redline and Orangeline.

Paratransit Service
Paratransit service is provided to ADA Eligible Certified passengers. Certification is a requirement of this service and an application can be obtained at the GRTA Office in Upper Tumon. Reservations for use of this service must be made during normal business hours (8am-5pm), One (1) day in advance. Six (6) service vehicles are dedicated for Paratransit.

Means multiple Lines depart from this Stop. This stop can be used to connect Lines.
Means this is a Terminal. All Lines depart from here.