First Time Riders - Hafa Adai & Welcome!

We hope you enjoy your first ride with GRTA!

Here is some useful information below that would help you have a smooth ride.


    • Fixed Route

    • Paratransit

  • Bus Fares

  • Rider’s Responsibility


Know the difference between two main services provided by GRTA: Fixed Route Service  and Paratransit Service

Fixed Route Service
The Fixed Routes are comprised of Six (6) buses that operate on a Fixed schedule with designated stops between major transfer stations. The Fixed Routes are Greyline, Greyline2, Greenline, Blueline 1, Blueline 2, Blueline Express, Red line and Orangeline.


    GRTA does provide a complete Fixed Routes - Daily Bus Routes Schedule in this website. The schedule updated regularly and in real-time. 
    The best way to read the schedule is, consider from where you want to be "picked up" You can view the schedule based on the stops in your Village, names of Stops, and also through "Lines". 
    Lines are the routes by various busses. Each Line is named as "Blueline", "Greenline", and so on. 


Paratransit Service 

Paratransit service is provided to ADA Eligible Certified passengers. Certification is a requirement of this service and an application can be obtained at the GRTA Office in Upper Tumon. Reservations for use of this service must be made during normal business hours (8am-5pm), One (1) day to Two (2) days in advance. Six (6) service vehicles are dedicated for Paratransit.

    You need to call ahead of time to schedule a pick-up, plus there are some pre-conditions you need to know about.


It is best to know how much you would need to pay before you use the GRTA services.
Fares are simple and clearly listed in this website. note; 
NEW BUS FARES AS 8.01.2018


​Students 6-18 years, Seniors 55 years & Up and ADA Certified persons with disabilities
There are no credits or extensions for all Passes.

All purchased Bus Pass/Coupon/Tickets are non-refundable. 
  • One Ride Pass = .50 
  • One Day Pass = $1.50 
  • One Week Pass = $ 7.50 
  • One Month Pass = $25.00 
  • One Ride Pass = $1.50 
  • One Day Pass = $4.00 
  • One Week Pass = $20.00 
  • One Month Pass = $65.00 


Of course, there are some "rules of the ride", which you should know about.  
Plus, we offer some helpful information, which could help you have a safe and comfortable ride.


  • Be prepared to pay exact fare. Drivers do not carry change and are not allowed to handle cash. Passengers must place his/her bus fare in the Fare Box. 
  • Passengers must present identification card (ID) to the driver to receive a discounted fare rate. 
  • If you do not pay for your fare or if you do not present a prepaid ticket to the driver you will not be allowed to board a bus. 
  • There are no credits or extensions for passes not utilized during a validation period. 


GRTA posts notifications as situations happen, such as delays, road conditions, etc.  
This website (on the very top) indicates "Today's Notifications". 


If you have any more questions, please contact us.



Means multiple Lines depart from this Stop. This stop can be used to connect Lines.
Means this is a Terminal. All Lines depart from here.